YOU DO Have What It Takes for Weight Loss: DREAM!

I challenge you to DREAM. Yes, DREAM. By starting out with a solid foundation for what you want to achieve you will be much more likely to succeed.

D -- Do you have the DETERMINATION to succeed?

R -- Are you REALISTIC with respect to your goals and what it takes to achieve them?

E -- Are you willing to EDUCATE yourself about better food choices, eating habits, exercise, and other lifestyle choices?

A -- Are you ready to take ACTION?

M -- Are you ready to put the first four to work to enhance the power of the single most

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important key for MOTIVATION?

Each of these choices is important for your success!


Determination is a key factor in successful weight loss. It is influenced by your perception or attitude about weight loss. You may find you need to make a shift in the way you feel now to give yourself positive energy for success.

Most of all you need to believe in your ability to lose weight. Are you ready to be your own cheerleader? This is essential!


Are you REALISTIC about the goal you have chosen? Are you REALISTIC about how you will lose the extra pounds and then keep it off?

Successful losers (those who not only lose weight but who successfully keep it off) have many similarities in their diet and lifestyle choices. This is especially true for those who lose a substantial amount of weight.

The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) was established in 1994 to track the stories of people who have lost at least 30 pounds and maintained that weight loss for at least a year. Evidently the average participant has lost about 60 pounds and kept the weight off for about five years so far. About half of the NWCR participants lost weight by participating in formal weight loss programs. The other half lost the weight on their own.

Most of the participants lost weight and maintained that loss with a low fat and low calorie diet. The diets provided variety, balance, and adequate nutrients. Also, from what I can determine, all of the successful losers exercise regularly.

EDUCATE YOURSELF: Take Responsibility!

Educate yourself about what it means to be healthy. Read about or take a class on nutrition. Be sure your information is coming from a qualified health professional.

Find out what a healthy weight range would be for you given your age, height, and sex. A healthy diet will not only help you achieve your goals for weight loss but will help you maintain that loss.

In addition to choosing a healthy diet, successful weight loss means making appropriate lifestyle changes. Consider hiring a personal trainer to motivate you and teach you the benefits of exercise.

Also, learn as much as you can about your current habits. Why do you eat what you eat? What triggers you to make inappropriate food choices or eat more than you need? Consider keeping a food journal.

Take the time to find a healthy eating plan that fits your preferences. For example, do you want to weigh and measure each bite you eat or would you prefer to eat low calorie but high volume foods (high in water and fiber) and eat all you want?

Are you one of the rare individuals who can radically change your eating habits overnight and maintain the change? Or would you prefer to ease into healthier eating habits and accept slower weight loss?


Over time choose to change one less than positive behavior for another. Each time you adopt a new positive habit, consider it to be a small victory--an opportunity to celebrate your progress! This can be an effective way to increase your motivation.

There are many small changes you could make to enhance your progress. For example, you might find someone to whom you are accountable for your progress. Or you might ask yourself if you are drinking plenty of water? If you are not getting enough sleep, what can you do to remedy that situation?


There is one thing you absolutely must have to follow through on doing what you need to do. It is a very powerful but simple concept. The single most important key is to KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. Your reason must be compelling and meaningful!

For example you might have a goal to lose a certain amount of weight before your wedding in a few months. Or maybe you are close to my age (over 40...) and you have some serious concerns about your health that are impacted by weight.

Be sure your reason is something meaningful to you. If you attempt to lose weight to please someone else, your chances for success are slim.

So if weight loss is on your mind for an important and personal reason, then dare to DREAM!

DREAM: have determination, be realistic, be willing to educate yourself, take action, and get motivated by knowing exactly what you want! You CAN succeed.

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