Effective Weight Loss - Can It Be Achieved Fast?

A search of the internet reveals that the billion dollar diet industry, focuses more on fast results than it does on effective weight loss. This raises the question about whether the two are compatible.

First, I would like to offer my definition of effective weight loss. It is effective when it helps you lose weight and keep it off. It is effective when it helps you to look the way you want to look, on a permanent basis.

Research reveals that if you lose weight fast, you tend to put it back on again. The US government, and other authorities, advises that it should occur slowly. Slowly is defined as 1-2 pounds per week.

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Yet the market abounds with diets that promise a loss of 5 - 10 pounds a week. There is no doubt that you can lose this amount in a week on these diets. But if you put it back on again, are these diets providing effective weight loss?

Why Do People Want To Lose Weight?

There are 2 principal reasonsThey want to look better Their health

The industry plays to the first reason. You wont see a lot of diet advertising that plays to your health. It is pitched at your appearance - do such and such a diet and you will look good and feel good about yourself.

If you decide to lose weight in order to improve your appearance, it is usually because of what you see in the mirror. What you see in the mirror is unwanted fat. The mirror does not show you how much you weigh; your scales show that.

What Should You Focus On?

You need to focus your attention on losing fat; not on how much your scales say that you weigh. When you lose fat, you will lose weight. However, when you lose weight, you dont necessarily lose fat.

You wont lose fat just by dieting. You can only lose fat by exercise.

You can lose weight on a diet and your scales will confirm this. However, if you diet without exercising, the loss will be from loss of water in your body and loss of muscle mass. This is what happens on a fast weight loss diet. The reason you will put the weight back on after the diet, is that your body will replenish its water level.

There may be instant gratification from a fast weight loss diet, but have you actually achieved effective weight loss?

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