Why Weight Loss is Cool and Phentermine is Hot?

Many girls today are in a damsel in distress mode, very much a modern prototype of the Victorian dames, worried about their figure. The physical and mental outlook of girls have evolved with the passage of time, but certain matters close to their heart remain unchanged. An hourglass shape then is a pencil thin figure now, with a record 83 % of female college students hooked to dieting practices. They try every tricks of the trade from skipping breakfast and smoking to vomiting and popping diet pills in the quest for a thin and hip look.

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Weight loss is no more a concern confined to the obese alone, as many girls use push and ram methodology to (mis)manage their weight without caring a hoot for the position of their body weight in the BMI scale. The state of affairs is not weight loss for a healthier end, but a prettier and thinner end. With the young female crowd fed on a daily diet of soap operas, they look up to the actresses for fashion and dieting inspirations. Though it is no mean feat to attain and replicate the figure and shape of the screen goddesses in real life, the girls are keener, the more surreal and bizarre, the ideal figure is.

Anticipation for a dream form and outline drives the young bunch loco, as they resort to any and every available ways and means to get to a pedestal, where they would be the envy of everyone. Slim or stout, it doesn't matter, as it's all about weight loss for the sake of weight loss. Their youthful tirade and diatribe is maddening to the point of utter insanity and profanity. They know no right and wrong, they visualize only the artist's impression of a perfectionist. Fashion statement in colleges reflects the virtual medium, and it is happening to emulate what they see on screen. It makes weight loss a cool proposition among the female college students. It keeps them going.

Determined they are, but successful they are not when it comes to weight loss in its totality and entirety. Only when their attempts at skipping breakfast for days and months at a stretch, chain smoking and vomiting go down the drain, futile and in vain, do they realize that weight loss is no child's play. The younger lot has no time and patience for healthy physical workouts. Tell them and they would tell you about the time and space constraints for such activities. They love to lose weight, but not the hard way, after all they are the children of a new world, where everything comes wrapped in a package.

And yes the modern 'press-button' culture sees to it that its children are not let down. In comes Phentermine, a weight loss diet pill to show them the way out without as much physicality as is generally required for weight loss. With its appetite suppressing characteristics, Phentermine drives away the hunger quotient in them, making their weight loss regime a lot easier and effectual than skipping meals or smoking. Phentermine is hot commodity in the campus (girls count on them more than their beaus).

Weight loss may be a cool thing to do, and Phentermine may be a hot pill to pop, but always keep this at the back of your mind that weight loss is all about physical, mental and spiritual wholeness. When you use ways alien to your system for weight loss, you are simply supporting yourself on crutches instead of learning to walk independently.

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